Kabhi Yun Bhi Aa Mere Dil Mein Tu by Areej Shah

Kabhi Yun Bhi Aa Mere Dil Mein Tu by Areej Shah is a good romantic novel. Here below you will find the complete details of the novel.

Novel NameKabhi Yun Bhi Aa Mere Dil Mein Tu
Writer NameAreej Shah
GenreForced, Romantic
File TypePDF

Here are some of the lines from the Novel Kabhi Yun Bhi Aa Mere Dil Main Tu by Areej Shah:

Six months Tashfeen only six months” I will not ask anything from you for the rest of my life. The sound was ringing in his ears. His lips were turning blue from the cold.

Sitting at JFK New York Airport, she was holding her bag tightly. K New Year was afraid that someone might steal his bag and run away. But the thoughts of five months ago were running in my mind.

Six months dead. Your mind is not damaged. You are tying me to this girl that too for full six months. Knowing that I not only like someone else but have promised to marry him.

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There was confusion in her voice as well as hatred for him, sensing that she silently followed her uncle. Yes, so who am I asking you to keep her with you for the rest of your life, just six months, Tashfeen, this girl has been married to you for 12 years.

Can you at least give it six months? You give her only six months, if she doesn’t make a place for herself in your heart within six months, then you divorce her and I promise you that I will never tell you about it.