Junoon E Ishqam by Areej Shah

Junoon E Ishqam by Areej Shah

Junoon E Ishqam Novel is written by Areej Shah, you can read the complete novel online or download PDF file.

Novel NameJunoon E Ishqam
Writer NameAreej Shah
GenreUrdu Romantic Novel
File TypePDF

Junoon E Ishqam Novel by Areej Shah

Here are some of the lines from the Junoon-e-Ishqam:

I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you A seven-year affair he sealed with her with words that shook heaven and earth. That helpless woman was listening to this cruel and oppressive person standing in front of her at that time.

Hiding her cloak and belt to her chest, she was shaken to the core. This was the man for whom she had rebelled against her entire family and then seven.

After a year, she came here to Pakistan with him, leaving all her relatives behind for seven years First, by marrying this person, she considers herself the luckiest girl in this world. As soon as he stepped on the threshold of youth, this man had knocked on his heart, who today ended every relationship with him on a mere misunderstanding.

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The heart was aching for the unfaithfulness of this heartless man who could not trust himself and came to reward him for his unfaithfulness. Listen to me, you have misunderstood. Know the whole thing once to explain it had moved on. But what was left now?

No, now everything was over, just do it, I am grateful to you that you came here in time and I will not forget your kindness for the rest of my life, but I have no relationship with this person, you can go.

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