Inteha E Ishq Novel by Areej Shah

Inteha E Ishq is another romantic Urdu novel written by Areej Shah, you can read the complete novel online or download PDF file.

Novel NameIntaha e Ishq
Writer NameAreej Shah
GenreRomantic Urdu Novel
File TypePDF

Inteha E Ishq by Areej Shah

Hearing the call to prayer, Taisha got up and started praying. After performing the prayer, everyone raised their hands to pray. Zamal came to mind before, on the phone yesterday, he had said, Amma Sain, please pray for me.

May I be able to reach Shariq Khan today if I am able to interview him then it will be my upper motion. He smiled and first prayed for Zamal and after that for Shazam as she had just woken up for prayer.

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She was very fond of putting her mouth on others, she was talking angrily while beating her badly while Bahram put his hand on her delicate waist and fell on the bed himself. Her hands had suddenly stopped beating, feeling Bahram’s warm breath on her face, she closed her eyes.

Amma Sain, will you still say nothing, Shazam said, pointing to Jazam’s movement “My dear, he is a place for you to pray,” Taisha said while waving the peace flag There is no need to get into the coach, I am going somewhere, I am praying.