Ishq E Yaram Novel by Areej Shah

Ishq E Yaram Novel is written by Areej Shah, you can read the complete novel online or download PDF file.

Novel NameIshq-e-Yaram
Writer NameAreej Shah
GenreRomantic Novel
File TypePDF

Ishq E Yaram by Areej Shah

It was the most difficult time for Yarm when after every breath he felt his soul leaving him, the doctor, seeing his frenzy and insanity, told him in appropriate words that the life of the soul

Saying all this that rescue and ceremony are impossible, the doctor himself was afraid of him, of course he loved his life very much. It was said that this girl is his life for this person, but after coming out of the dark black grave, the soul is feeling lifeless, it has lost the power to live. If Yarm’s bus goes on, he might kill the doctor himself.

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He was looking everywhere for someone who had the courage to hurt his soul. Despite his best efforts, he could not find her and then he got a phone call. But who are you? Oh was tired of searching like a madman for a soul when someone called him like a bright beacon of hope

Whoever I am shouldn’t mean anything to you, but I want you to remember me, the world makes me heartless. She knows by name, it is better to save your soul than to search my soul. And the location was on his mobile.